Say hello from our editor for a little light hearted post, hi Abby!

Turns out isolation life has brought some of my otherwise summer shelved items out of the gear closet. Finding some kooky and some not-so-kooky uses for snowboarding gear when I’m well, not snowboarding. Indulge in this silly post and if you’ve been doing the same share with us on Instagram for inspiration or laughs – either one would be appreciated for us snow starred society.

Not a hard one to understand here, these things have 40 hours of battery and are waterproof. So I’ve been rocking them when I’m doing work calls, bike rides, podcasts while multitasking, you name it, I’m doing it with the Push Ultra. Normally I’d be STOKED to be riding with them for social spring laps, but hey laps on the dirt and around the house are more fun than normal when I’ve got these on.

So maybe it’s not a facemask, but it’s something, and somethings better than nothing, am I right? This low profile neck tube came in handy in the early uncharted days of COVID19 when we didn’t know what to wear when to wear it and so on. Now we’ve got official guidelines when means you can double up your tube and be good to go, check out the official guidelines here. Nibz also has facemasks now which is pretty awesome to be able to support a Canadian snowboard industry brand during all of this – if you need a facemask hit them up!

But why?! Because some days during iso you just gotta work from bed. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t work from bed some mornings. And yes, I absolutely used my snowboard as a “bed desk” and my bindings as my water bottle holder. YUP, this is a kooky one.

Desk bed. It’s kooky and I know it.

Speaking of water bottles, my favorite backpack stashable and cup holder fitting bottle is the collapsible Nomader – it’s tough and got the environment in mind.

Fold it, stash it, drink it, and it won’t leak.

Because ISO is tough and hugs are nice. The Nuclei FL feels like a permanent hug. Inside, outside, activities or idol, comfort, and breathability is the Nuclei’s top skills.

Arc’teryx Nuclei FL

A reminder that I’m a bit of a backcountry nerd so spring often means techy missions that I get to bring my ice axe on. This year it’s been snoozing in my gear closest so I bought it out to open beers because we all have been entertaining ourselves in weird ways during iso and probably drinking too many beers.

A daring duo, ice axe and Coast Mountain Beer.

We all do it in the parking lot after spring riding, but heck I’m rocking this look shamelessly everywhere lately! TNF Slides are for all seasons am I right?!

Dissent Lab Socks and North Face Slides.

Classic, goggles to cut onions, I’m a crier.
Hut booties are life.
Toques are my hairbrush.

Hello from an “office bed” with all my favorite snowboard gear for when you’re not snowboarding.
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