As we witness a new chapter unfold in Canadian snowboarding, The North Face steps up to support a fresh wave of emerging talents, among them Jack Macdougall from BC.

“As a filmer, working with someone as talented and hungry as Jack is a privilege. Jack’s a pure snowboarder and his riding speaks. I can’t wait to see what he does in the coming years” – Thomas Doyle, Filmer

In the art of making snowboarding videos every detail counts – with style reigning supreme. From the way you ride, choice of spots to even your gear, every aspect contributes to crafting a compelling video part. Yet, functionality is equally crucial; the back country always hits with the most unforgiving conditions calling for the best quality gear. 

That’s why Backcountry riders like jack turn to The Northface for function and style. “Ive tried many kits and these are my new favourites, Thank you Northface!”

As the spotlight shines on the next generation of riders, The North Face’s dedication to supporting emerging talents shines through in all aspects of snowboarding. Jack Macdougall is just one of the many emerging talents The North Face supports.

Check out Jacks full gear list below:
Mens Sidecut Gore-Tex Jacket
Men’s Montana Ski Mitts
The Jim Beanie
Mens Apex Insulated gloves