By David MacKinnon, feature photo Frank Jobin shot by Mike Stastook

There’s been a lot of talk this week about the current state of snowboarding, and the feed’s more nostalgic than The Force Awakens. But while keyboard warriors reminisce on the dream, young snowboarders are living it. Jack MacDougall and Frank Jobin are members of the Canada Snowboard Next Gen team, and they’re living proof that the good old days are now. Dudes travel internationally riding the best parks, competing at the top level, and filming with the homies when they can. They’re crushing it– Frank had a shared part in Absinthe’s 2018 feature, Stay Tuned, and Jack’s a Quiksilver Young Guns Snow champ. The sky isn’t falling, snowboarding’s alive. Read on to get it from the bleeding edge.

What’s your season been like?

Jack: It’s been great! Lots of travel. We went to Saas Fe in November, that was the first trip of the year. We’ve also been to Italy, Ontario, and Whistler.

Frank: We’ve just been competing at the Mammoth Grand Prix. Jack and I are on the same team, so pretty much all season we’ve been travelling together doing training camps and contests.

Frank Jobin. Chris Wellhausen photo.

How was the Mammoth contest?

Frank: It was tough weather. I made finals but didn’t quite get the result I wanted. But it was fun, and we had a powder day as well. That was a good vibe.

Jack: It hasn’t stopped snowing since we got here. Most of the main lifts closed– on our freeride day we only had like four lifts open.

Frank: But we built some roof drops and a set-up around the house. We got some clips! The first day there was just a bunch of snow on the ground and Jadyn [Chomlack] jumped off the roof without building a landing or anything. Then we started building stuff around the house, the roof drop and a few other hits.

Jack: It was so fun. We were in the house with Carter Jarvis and the rest of the team was staying in condos just across the way. It makes it so much better that we’re all together and we’re always staying at the same places.

Jack MacDougall. Chris Witwicki video.

What happens when competition season ends? Frank, will we see another Absinthe part?

Frank: For now I’m not too sure, I’ve been filming a bit but I don’t know where the footage will end up quite yet. I linked up with Jed Sky in the early season, and some other friends in Quebec City. I’ll probably be filming more after the Quebec Big Air, and going to Superpark.

Jack: I’m going to try to go to Superpark too, and I’m really looking forward to going to Whistler for the spring. I’ll link up with the Brain Cage homies and stack a bit, mostly ride the park. It’s just so fun in the spring. Frank, are you going to Whistler?

Frank: Yeah, I’ll probably go for like two weeks when the team’s there. I want to get some sled laps in the park.

Jack MacDougall. Chad Chomlack photo.

How much easier is it to learn stuff with sled laps? Any tricks in particular you’re working on?

Jack: You go from hitting the jump once every ten minutes to hitting it once every thirty seconds. Everything stays fresh in your head, it’s constant. You learn no matter what just because you’re hitting the jump so many times. I’d like to do a better cab 14. The last one I did was in Saas Fe and it was kind of loose compared to how I want to do it. Then I want to re-up on back 14, and get some switch backside stuff as well.

Frank: It’s fun doing all the tricks when you get sled laps– all fives, all sevens, all nines. Just get them all as good as you can get them. There’s always something more to learn, even with the basic tricks. It doesn’t always have to be double or triple corks. I really want to ride some more transition features like the spine transfer at US Open, learn some bigger tricks on those. Those features are really fun, but we only ride them at contests so it’s tough to prepare. There are some smaller ones at a lot of resorts, but hopefully there’s a big one in Whis this spring. I want to learn double cripplers, and tens, and other tricks I have on jumps on those quarter pipe hits.

Frank Jobin. Chris Wellhausen photo.

What do you think about Transworld closing their doors?

Jack: I grew up reading snowboard mags and I was super bummed when I saw that they were officially shutting down. I think there will always be a place for magazines in snowboarding especially because it makes everything so much more memorable. Instagram posts come and go but articles and interviews last forever.

Frank: Definitely a big bummer! I’ve always looked up to snowboard mags and I think there will always be a place for them. Also, TW Snow made some of the best snowboard movies and I was super bummed to hear that Kamikazu was going to be the last one.

Jack MacDougall. Chris Witwicki video.

What are you doing for the rest of your time in California?

Frank: I’m leaving tomorrow for the Quebec Big Air. I don’t think we’re going to ride today, the girls have a contest in the park and I think it’s closed for that.

Jack: We had to switch houses today, I have to make sure everyone gets packed and moved over. But I’ll ride tomorrow and the next few days leading up to Rev Tour [March 12-17].

Frank: Jack’s in charge of the younger riders on the team now.

Jack: Taking care of all the young ones, it’s a noble calling.

Shoutouts to sponsors, coaches, and family!

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