What happens when friends met friends across the globe and end up back on one of their friends’ home turf? They play tour guide of course – showing off their most prized zones and slashing their way around town. That is exactly what “Follow Me” is all about. Read Wally and Thomas’s bios below to learn more about the duo. Trailer below and more coming down the pipe.



About Thomas Rich

My name is Thomas Rich and I am a professional snowboarder from Spain. I have been skiing since I was four years old but I have dedicated the last sixteen years to snowboarding and I can honestly say it is my passion.

I compete internationally in Freeride and have taken part in competitions all over Europe as well as in Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand. I come from the Spanish Pyrenees, a place with amazing terrain where I really feel at home but in the last few years, I felt I wanted a change so I am now settled in the Swiss Alps, in search of new challenges to keep my motivation alive.

Freeriding is what I love and I am building up a new stage in my career which involves filming new backcountry projects. I could not manage it without the collaboration of my Swiss friend Wally Brughelli, who is fully motivated to go shredding every day and is always ready for new adventures. We have started this new project developing filming ideas and we want to go back to it as soon as it snows again. We have a better knowledge of what we want, better cameras, and equipment so we are ready to give it our all and push ourselves to our limits. We are looking forward to showing you all that is possible on a snowboard.

Wally Brughelli with a solid tailgrab.

About Walter Brughelli

I’m Walter “Wally” Brughelli, a professional snowboarder from Locarno a town of the south of Switzerland.

I started riding at the age of 13, since the first time I just fell in love with it, at the age of 17 I discovered I was quite good at jumping and I started making some freestyle contest, but soon I discovered that my real passion was freeriding, and making freestyle on the powder. 

I went so deep in the passion of snowboarding that at the age of 21 I started working in the Freestyle academy Laax as a coach. The year after, I went to NZ to ride and make my firsts FWQ freeride contests, I really enjoyed the vibes and I made a podium on the second contest so I started following the tour also on the northern hemisphere. A big turn on my life came went to chile at the age of 25, thanks to my background and my work at the FSA Laax I got a call from Chile, and they propose that I start working as a coach of the Chilean Snowboard Freestyle National Team. For the following 5 years, I have been working as Coach for them alongside the big legend Iker Fernandez.

During those years I was around the world with the team and at the same time I was competing for my self, during one of those seasons in South America I meet Thomas Rich, and we just got along since the first time we went riding together.

This last year I quit my job for the Chilean National Team and started working for the distribution of Buff in Switzerland, which is one of my sponsors. As soon I knew that Thomas Was coming to spending the season on the swiss alps we started to work on the concept of making a new freeride series and here it is “Follow Me”.

Moody drops from Thomas.

Keep tabs on this crew on Instagram: @thomasrich._ & @wallybrughelli

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