BAD PLANS, Oslo Norway

Sick crew. Sick edit. Watch and read.

Bad Plans on film captured by Chris Baldry


Chris Baldry is a Canadian photographer based in western Norway and a father of two. Chris is extremely talented at what he does – his work is in our most recent print mag! He also put this flick on our radar and introduces his homies below – ello Chris!

Kristoffer Lerånd is one of the founding members of Bad Plans, a Trondheim street crew. I’ve worked with him the most over the past few years and that’s been amazing because not only does he lands everything and he’s one of my favorite human beings.

Haakon Eilertsen, this project was the first chance I got to work with him. This kid has got such smooth style and makes shooting him incredibly easy.

Markus Rustad, one really talented Oslo rider.  Markus gets the editing credit on this Bad Plans // 4 and is on the come up.  Watch out for this kid.

Half Frame photo. Left side portrait of Haakon Eilertsen. Right side blunt in Oslo, Norway.


Where did you shoot mostly?
CB: Everything was shot in Trondheim and Oslo, but mostly shot in Oslo.

The biggest hurdle of the season?
CB: For the boys, it was getting things started.  There was no plan, to begin with, so things started later than we all probably wanted but it all worked out in the end. For me, its always the same hurdle, trying to free up enough time to shoot with them. Oslo is about a 6-hour drive from my home base, and Trondheim is either a 10-hour drive or I fly. Norway is a difficult country to crisscross in the winter months.  

The highlight of the season?
CB: The highlight was seeing Markus boardslide that DFDFD ender.  That rail is feared here in Norway for good reason. It had the better of some very very good riders, and it almost claimed Markus too. But seeing him ride that out was definitely a highlight.

Most hilarious or memorable moment?
CB: I would have to give that to Krish’s wavey DFD.  It is a heavy spot for sure, but all the other stuff that went down at the spot made it extra amazing.  Every spot you ride ends up with a story, some spots and stories are better than others, and this one is way up there in the memorable and hilarious categories … unfortunately tho that story has to say with Krish, Markus and I.    

Bad Plans by Chris Baldry

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