Full transparency, I stole “Rona Szn” from Sam Tuff – that girl is crafty with her words and also hilarious – did you read her article in the newest mag?!

Look, it’s Sam Tuff, our editor Abby and the Mag in one photo – how suiting!


My snowboard boots on the dyer are staring at me yelling “when the heck do we get to snowboard again” but hey, silver linings are everything. There’s a storm of “what’s next” brewing and much of society is just riding the wave of chaos until we find out what exactly is next, but I know you, you’re a snowboarder and you don’t usually just “go with the flow.” Snowboarders notoriously carve their own path, not following societies, it’s just not how we’re programmed. Here are a few things that can keep you feeling like a snowboarder when it’s hard to do the actual snowboarding part. Stay shreddy and healthy friends. Catch ya sideways on snow soon.


SPA DAY: Give the quiver a royal pampering.
We’re talking about the works. Wax em up! Tune those edges! Do the dredged p-tex if you must. Tighten up those bindings. Lace-up your boots to store them properly. If you have a transceiver be sure to take the batteries out for storage.

You know what they say, happy snowboard, happy human. SO WAX IT.

MAKE STUFF: useful snowboard stuff.
Board racks are an easy and rewarding one. Rails for future sessions. Repurpose old snowboards into shelves, swings, benches, whatever.

WASH YOUR GORE: Nuff said.
Wash it now, look fresh for next season. Follow these Gore-tex recommendations to clean and seal it up the right way.

You know what you have to do. Photo by Abby Cooper

GET DEALS: coupon code COIVD19.
Burton has 40% off right now along with many other snowboard brands – scope your favorite brand’s website and see what they’re offering. You can also most likely support your favorite shops like Local Supply Co, Empire, and The Source and score mega deals online or by calling in. Support the industry because your favorite shops and brands are most likely feeling the shut down more than you are.

SNOWBOARD INSIDE: Snowboard Addiction is the answer.
No seriously, that’s the companies name, Snowboard Addiction. They have indoor boards and rail setups that are made for in-home training so you can literally learn new tricks indoors, cool yeah?

Learn tricks indoors with these tutorials and make up for lost on-snow time.

ARCHIVE IT: dig into the Snowboard Edit Archive
Ours is here and should keep you entertained for a few days. If you’re sitting on footage, make your own edit and put it in front of our eyes – we’re gobbling content, nom nom nom.

READ A MAG: Ours, Snowboard Canada.
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See the silver linings until you can shred! Make the most of Rona Szn!