The Biggest Little Hill: SMOKEY MOUNTAIN

The Biggest Little Hill is a video series previously showcased previously in print. Traveling across Canada showcasing the small in size or reputation resorts that have real big soulsThis one is all about Smokey Mountain in Labrador Canada.

Voltfuse infiltrating every nook and tranny at Smokey Mountain.

Known for its industrious mining sector and pristine wilderness, Labrador is also home to quite possibly North America’s best-kept secret, Smokey Mountain. A legendary ski hill that has quietly existed and remained under the radar since the early ’60s, with rumors of old folk skiing down the mountain even earlier than that.

This is the third and final ski hill to be featured within our Biggest Little Hill series. Check out the others here.


A day good day of riding is only as good as the company.

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RIDERS: Joey B, Gabe Fisher, Liam Gallop, Sean Genovese, Alex Henniffent, and Dru Kennedy.

SPECIAL THANKS to Toby Leon, Danny Pare, Ray Sharpe, Jeff Barrett, Carissa Bagnell, Lisa Gallop, and Destination Labrador.

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