The Swatch Nines went own this week in Schilthorn, Switzerland. Where Calgary’s own Brooke D’Hondt took the event by storm and came home with a World Record!
On Thursday, 19 yr old Brooke, established the first official record for highest hip air in women’s snowboarding. She reached a height of 7.3 meters (23.9 feet), setting a formidable new bar for the female side of the sport.

“I always wanted to come to this event, and having a bigger hip feature is kind of playing to my strengths,” said D’Hondt. “It definitely does not get easier standing up there. Especially the first one of the day, it’s just as scary as the first time ever hitting it. But the feeling of stomping it, nothing beats it.”

Brooke D’Hondt World Record breaking hip
[o] Klaus Polzer