The Uninvited Invitational 2024
Photos by Ellie Nixon
Words by Chris Corbett

Jules Pelchat

Jess Kimura has been an absolute force to be reckoned with since the start of her career, destroying barriers in a male dominated sport and now, she’s made history by paving the way for female snowboarders world wide.
The uninvited, which started as an all female film then very quickly became 3 full movies and last year The Uninvited event sparked the beginning of the insanity which is ‘The Uninvited Invitational’.
With a life changing prize purse of $52k USD the stoke was high!

“I’m Kind of at a loss for words and really exhausted at this point, but this has been a dream of mine for a really long time now and I’m so grateful to everyone who has helped make it come true”
Jess Kimura

We all know Jess enough now that we know she puts her all into everything she does, which means if its not worth getting exhausted over its not important enough!
And creating this space for the women and girls in snowboarding clearly was.

The line up of the most influential female snowboarders in the game from legendary pro’s to the next generational big name took upon Woodward Parkcity Utah. Emotions high for what is the first event of its kind held a special place for all involved with moments like friendship bracelets and charcuterie meat roses, the love and support from all involved was something beautiful in of its own.
If you did unfortunately miss out or just want more! The recap/live stream can be found on The North Face Youtube.

List of winners:
First: Telma Särkipaju
Second: Iris Pham
Third: Jess Perlmutter
Fourth: Grace Warner
Fifth: Livia Tannò

Best Air: Emma Crosby
Best Bail: Jaylen Hanson
Best Style: Momoka Fujikawa
Best Trick: Annika Morgan
Monster Energy’s Unless The Beast: Nora Beck
Most Heart: Madison Blackley
One To Watch: Jules Pelchat
Most Creative: Naima Antolin
Subaru Rookie 1: Ellie Weiler
Subaru Rookie 2: Jess Perlmutter

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