Chirs Rasman recently dropped a jaw-dropping full part on the interweb for us and we caught up with him about the behind the scenes.

Most memorable moment filming this?
CR: That’s a lofted question. Each season is memorable and unique in its own way. Thinking about it this second, riding that steep chute in Smithers was pretty damn memorable. Landing the front 3 stalefish first try and then the backside 1080 first try was special too.

Most hectic experience while filming?
CR: Bens sled almost lighting on fire 80km out there because of a gas leak. 

Stomp any new tricks?
CR: Not this year. It wasn’t the snow year for that. We had so many Arctic outflows, we were often jumping into variable snow. So it was kept comfortable if that makes sense. What was newish for me was riding more lines and tricking out of them. 

What location was most mind-blowing?
CR: Smithers. I had no idea that little town was holding such sick terrain. That and the Chugach range in Alaska. Mind-blowing for sure.

Where all did you film?
CR: Whistler, Pemberton, Smithers, Terrace, Stewart, Washington, and Alaska 

Whatcha been up to this season?
CR: I have been filming with my usual crew, but we are working on something a little different this year from our usual Manboys production. Trying to get out with different riders too and include a variance of characters and riding styles in our projects. To name a few, Beau Bishop, Eric Jackson, Austen Sweeten, Craig McMorris, and hopefully, Torstein Horgmo and his epic drone pilot Gabe this week if they make it to town.

Any sneaky tidbits you’re willing to leak for next years video?
CR: An Intro after the winter I’m very excited about shooting… 

What fuels your stoke level the most?
CR: Riding my snowboard fast, finding new lines, gaps and transitions to push what can be done on it, and snowmobiling around to new zones in my backyard. 

Weirdest thing in your backpack at all times? 
CR: I carry binoculars and my crew makes fun of me but it’s not that weird, they are the best to have.

Shout outs?
CR: The Manboys, my sponsors, Rip Curl, Lib Tech, Spy Optics, Flux Bindings, Airhole, Sandbox, The Boardroom. Ben Webb and all the other cinematographers and photographers that capture what we do and put up with our egos.. and everyone that supports me and believes in my snowboarding. Fans, friends, family, and everyone in between.