WORDS. There is so much to say, but more importantly, there is so much to do. We are the voice of Canadian Snowboarders, and as that voice, we choose to mute it. Please take our silence as an outreached hand that says, we’re here, we’re listening, we’re educating, we’re supporting and we’re doing. We want to amplify that BLACK LIVES MATTER, not distract from it.

While we’re not saying much with our words, as individual snowboarders and Snowboard Canada team members we’re busy doing. Check out how to be involved below.


Get Educated.
Canada Anti-Racism Network
Black Lives Matter—International

Sign Petitions.
Justice for George Floyd, Justice for Ahmaud Arbery, Justice for Belly Mujinga, NAACP, more to come.

Roundup of Canadian Charities, Black Lives Matter, The Bail Project, The Liberty Fund, Reclaim the Block, I Run With Maud, Campaign Zero, Unicorn Riot, American Civil Liberties Union, Stand Up To Racism UK, more to come.

Consult your local chapter of Black Lives Matter or other local community resources.

Articles, Books & People to follow.
Click here for a detailed list that will surely keep growing. We’ve also posted on Snowboard Canada Instagram for user input and look forward to additional comments added.

Thank you in advance for any shared resources. While this isn’t a new fight, we’re grateful for the many new resources, voices, and opportunities to get involved, please put them on our radar via IG post with a comment.