In snowboarding we know him as Max Eberhardt, a podium snagging snowboarder from North Bay Ontario. Simultaneous to his snowboarding career, Max was fine-tuning his music based pursuits under the name Modmaxx. After a perspective-changing injury, Max made the move to producing music full time while still stoking the snowboard industry, just from a new standpoint.


I was born and raised in North Bay, ON, and grew up riding Laurentian Ski Hill. All my free time was spent snowboarding, skating, and biking with my friends, and if I wasn’t doing that I was making music or playing video games. I started snowboarding at age 6 and entering local contests around age 11; fast forward 10 years and I somehow ended up competing against a lot of the riders I grew up idolizing.

Snowboarding and music go hand in hand though. Most boarders listen to music while they ride. Most of my musical influences that stuck with me are the artists I listened to while snowboarding.

I remember going to my basement after riding and trying to make Young Jeezy type beats when I was like 13. I’ve been making music & writing songs since I was like 11. After a few years, I started to feel like my beats were solid enough to use in my own edits, and eventually, my friends started to show interest in using them for their edits as well.

After graduating high school I spent the majority of my time shredding in Mammoth, Colorado, and Whistler. Some of my contest highlights and below, the top highlight by far is the friends I made along the way. 

  • 1st Shred Show Big Air 2014
  • 2nd Mile High 2014
  • 3rd overall FIS World Cup Slopestyle Tour 2016
  • 6th Laax Open Slopestyle 2017
  • Peaking at 12th on the WSPL in 2017
Mile High Podium 2014.

In 2017 I decided to quit competitive snowboarding ultimately due to multiple head injuries that season. It took months to recover from my last concussion and I was worried about my long term brain health.

In July 2017 I moved to Toronto to pursue music – I’ve been making music almost as long as I’ve been snowboarding it felt like it was only right to give it a full send! It’s a long story but basically the stars aligned for me and I was ready to take the opportunity.

WKNDRS XGames ModMaxx (0:00-3:20)

One day a Toronto artist that I work with named TRIPSIXX introduced me to Roy Woods, who is signed to Drake’s label OVO. TRIPSIXX believed in my work for years before I even started taking music seriously. Roy and I clicked and ended up working from 3 pm until 7 am that first session and made 3 songs. We continued working like crazy for months and eventually, I got my first major placement with Roy called “Snow White”.

ModMaxx in the studio.

Through working with Roy I got the opportunity to send beats to Drake. One thing led to another and one of the beats I sent ended up being “Can’t Take A Joke” off of Drake’s 2018 album “Scorpion”. Scorpion was Grammy-nominated and is currently 5x Platinum. I signed a publishing deal with OVO/Warner Chappell Music in the process.

I’m primarily based out of Toronto and work as a full-time music producer/songwriter under the alias “ModMaxx”.

ModMaxx in his element.

Keep tabs on Max here, don’t forget to check out his Spotify. Scoop other snowboarders that also pursue the arts in various mediums by following our Art Attack series.

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