Competing at Natural Selection is often compared to filming. The world’s best riders are in the backcountry with a solid crew, mixing freeriding and freestyle, pushing each other to step up. But there’s a big difference on Tour, you have to nail your full segment, in one run, with the world watching. When filming, days are planned around which face will have good light and when.

This year, in a first for any snow competition, the Natural Selection Alaska competed on three completely different faces, all in one day. By moving with the sun from Northeast to Northwest around a coliseum shaped venue, riders maximized the quick, one-day weather window and were able to run all the brackets in one behemoth 12-hour day in the mountains.

Running on three venues also provides fresh tracks for all, straight through to the finals. Watch what went down in what riders are calling the “Coliseum”; Mother Nature’s super stage for this year’s Natural Selection Alaska, the final stage of the 2023 Natural Selection Tour at and Natural Selection’s YouTube channel starting April 26 at noon PT/3PM ET.