Were you this cool at eleven?! Silas Postal is setting the bar high for backyard boarding. Scope his edit below followed by a Q+A with this absolute grom shredder.

Silas Postal’s Covid Edit.


Tell us about yourself, please. 
SP: My name is Silas Postal and I just turned 12 this summer. I live in Whistler BC 

We saw the edit you made this spring from your backyard snowboard park, it was sick! 
SP: Thanks! I was having a great season with my friends, lots of park, some pow and I even got to race in the Baker Banked Slalom. When the mountain closed we were all still itching to ride. We already had one PVC set up as a flat bar and we kinda just upped it from there. It was a lot of work digging and shaping the features but man, so rewarding! I got quite a few new tricks and I am really stoked about that. Also it was nice to really dial in some old tricks. When working for new tricks I for sure had some good bails, but the great thing about hiking is that you can do it over and over and just lock in tricks.

What does snowboarding mean to you? 
SP: Snowboarding to me is an escape, you can just kind of get away from everything. Dropping into a line everything just clears out of my head and I am just able to think about right now, just now and relax, drop in and ride! 

What are you hoping to accomplish this coming season? 
SP: Just progression in general. I would like to really work on my jump game some more, do a few more contests, and I’m looking forward to riding with the homies again. 

Any thank-yous or shout outs? 
SP: My parents have been a huge support and I always love family ride days. We have a really good crew at the Whistler Valley Snowboard Club and my coach Gunner is awesome. Super thankful for my friends who push me to progress and I have some really cool neighbors Brad, Luce, and Truth who absolutely shred.

Silas Postal, doing what he does best, boarding.


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