Hey there, nice to meetcha Truth Smith! We caught up with Truth via the internet because he’s been exploding our feed with radness and a new season edit to boot.


HOMETOWN: Whistler, BC
TEAM: Whistler Valley Snowboard Club
CLAIM TO FAME: Super social dude.
SPONSORS: Capita, Volcom, Vans, Now, The Circle, Stance, Dragon, Crabgrab, BeaverWax, CSM whistler, Coal and Timebomb.

Photo by Truth’s rad shredder and photo-taking sister Irie Smith.


Tell us about this edit.
TS: This edit is just a recap of the season kinda just showing some new tricks old tricks and good times. 

Tell us what snowboarding means to you.
TS: Snowboarding is like nothing else in this world, everything about it is what I love most about life, the adrenaline rush, the nerves and most of all the community. It’s all just so friggen sick

Tell us your biggest snowboarding highlight to date.
TS: Probably going to Australia last summer with my team. It was crazy. So many good times and Perisher is insane. 

Tell us the hardest part about boardin.
TS: That’s a hard question. Probably not being able to board sucks, like when it’s Summer or like right now if that makes sense. (#RONASZN)

Tell us what you’re listening to.
TS: I don’t really listen to music but when I do, you get some hip hop in there, you get some rock and if it’s a chill I’ve been really down with some Frank Sinatra.

Another one by Truth’s rad shredder and photo-taking sister Irie Smith.

Tell us the funniest moment of the season.
TS: haha there’s a lot. Pretty much every day something funny happens whether it’s a fall or just something someone says all the boys/girls get a good laugh. 

Tell us what you’re doing while locked inside during #RONASZN.
TS: Im still trying to get after it! Just without seeing any of the homies. I mean I live in the mountains! There’s always somewhere you can hike to and lucky for us we still got snow on the ground so I got a little side set up going and I got a mini ramp so it makes it a lot easier to still do stuff.

Tell us your favorite place to snowboard.
TS: My favorite place is definitely Blackcomb or in Aus, just sick parks, sick mountains, and sweet lifties.

Tell us your favorite trick.
TS: My favrioute trick is a front 3 on jumps for sure and front board through dfds feel quite nice 

Tell us where you want to take snowboarding next.
TS: I just wanna keep shredding with the homies having fun and progressing. Definitely would like to do some more 10s next year double and flat and I really want to try some street stuff!

Tell us something else.
TS: I just wanted to shout out all the homies In my life that make snowboarding so so so much fun and my parents who help me do what I love. Wishing everybody a safe time out there.

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