Zachary Moxely is hosting a little something called the “Toby Miller & Epidemic Sound editing contest” with partners Epidemic Sound, Tropic Colour, Western Digital, and PolarPro. This us catching up with Zachary to find out more about the contest, here he goes!


My name is Zachary Moxley; people on the internet know me as @downtofilm or fastmox. I’m a filmmaker born and raised in Whistler, BC. I grew up shooting in the action sports world, and of course, Whistler is one of the locations that all the pro’s come to, it was an ideal situation to start my career. I worked with many of the big ski film production companies such as Level 1 Productions, Poorboyz, Matchstick and more. I then shifted into the tourism and travel space when I moved to Vancouver to continue growing my career. Many videos that I’ve worked on can be found on British Columbia’s social channels. 


How did this contest come to be?
ZM: I was in Europe skydiving when Toby called me up and said that I should roll out to New Zealand to hang. We hadn’t seen each other for a while, and it was long overdue. New Zealand was a little colder than expected, luckily I had my pink one-piece with me as I flew from Burning Man to Europe and then directly to New Zealand. I sat on the footage for months before realizing that there were some great shots to play with. 

What inspired you to do the contest?
ZM: I realized that there was an opportunity to give back to my community when Epidemic approached me to work on a project together. They offered to pay for the prizing, and I would supply the footage & build out the contest format. When I started filmmaking, all I wanted were new opportunities, so to be able to offer those opportunities now fills me with gratitude. 

What are you hoping to achieve with the contest?
ZM: I feel like I’ve already exceeded my original goal of being able to offer something to do during the slower time’s our industry is currently facing. Since starting this contest, it’s lit a fire inside of me to think of unique & new ways to give back.

What do you think are the key ingredients in any successful edit? 
ZM: Just like in snowboarding, I find that flow is the essential ingredient to an unbeaten run or edit. Mixing in a unique style, but maintaining a consistent theme across a video is a significant win in my books!

In snowboard world, who do you work with regularly?
ZM: I haven’t personally worked with many athletes in the snowboard world aside from Toby Miller and local Whistler athletes such as Braedon Wheeler, & Geoff Brown. However, I’m always looking to create new and exciting pieces, so that could change!

To enter and for exact requirements check out the website here, but remember you only have until April 6th!

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