Meet Jesse Millen, this dude has been board’n for 17 years, 12 of those years in Whistler as a pro. Millen got his start back in Ontario with slopestyle contests, since then has been in a few web edits, the Whistler Blackcomb feature Magnetic, along with creating his own series alongside fellow snowboarder Craig Gouweloos called “ROCKETMEN.” You can currently find him slaying side hits, lapping Black Park or piecing together inbounds freeride lines. Needless to say, he’s no stranger to many of the disciplines of riding and has made a sustainable career out of it. With this background, we think he knows a few things about staying fit so we figured we’d ask him “whatcha doing this Rona Szn?”

JESSE’S SPONSORS: Zeal, BN3TH, SkullCandy, Volcom, Vans, Dissent Labs, Gibbons Apres Lager, Airhole.


“A lot of this is from my boxing background. I switch things up to keep it interesting. I do core every day because that’s a muscle group that isn’t bothered by recovery and so important to snowboarding. Being well rounded and constantly stretching is a formula I’ve always followed. Cheers to a full career of no surgeries, zero blown knees and no seasons off 🤘🏾That’s what I’m talking about! 😇” – Jesse Millen

THE PISTOL SQUAT: strong trick stomping legs and great for balance.

THE PUSH-UP: General strength, it’s good to strong.

THE FOAM ROLL: Especially focused the IT band for flexibility.

THE CORE: Crunchy frog is everything.

THE CORE, MORE: Seated Russian twist, because more core always.


See more of Jesse Millen in Whistler Blackcomb’s feature film, Magnetic.

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