Coming at us from the East, HOMETOWN drops there first full edit as crew.

SQUAD: Max Rivard, Samuel Bergeron, Phil Tardif      
LOCATION: Victoriaville, Quebec, Quebec City, and Saint-Ferdinand.
VIBE: Young guns in the streets. 


The gnarliest hit of the season?  
MR: This triple kink is so sketchy, it is located in Victoriaville and nobody had done it in full until now. Because it is very steep and quick and has cheese grater steps.  

The best stomp of the edit?
MR: One of my favorite clips is the concrete creeper with the spiky fence on the run in and landing on a concrete ledge. A taco on this set up could have been deadly. Luckily I stomped it. 

Most memorable moment?
MR: On our first street session of the year we went to St-Ferdinand. There wasn’t a lot of snow in Quebec yet, but down there he had enough to hit some spots. It was a sunny afternoon,  perfect temperature, and we racked 6 clips. It was a really great day. 

Any cop encounters?
MR: This year we were lucky. We didn’t get kicked out of any of the places we hit.

Rider: Max Rivard, Photographer: Marc-Andre Chagnon

How many broken Boards?
MR: Two, I broke one and Sam broke one. 

What’s next on the agenda?
MR: We would love to do another project next winter that is longer. And introduce more friends and young riders. Because the first goal is to share this common passion.

Rider: Rivard, Photographer: Sam Bergeron

How was your first go at creating an edit?  
MR: I hadn’t filmed in the street for 5 years and I really missed it. Sam and myself decided to create “Hometown” and go back to the street to have fun and stack some clips. It was me who edited the entire project. I really love to edit. 

People you need to thank?
MR: I would like to thank all the people who helped us realize this project. Olivier Levasseur, Antoine Tardif, Marc-andré Chagnon. Tchad Lemay, and Math Fortier. I would especially like to thank my girlfriend who let me shredding a lot and to my son Noam who makes me so happy every day. 

See the full HOMETOWN edit here.