In the “Whatcha Doing” series, we’re asking our favorite snowboarders what’s keeping them busy during isolation. On this “Whatcha Doing,” we catch up with North Face Athlete Leanne Pelosi. Hi Leanne!


Does this girl even need an intro? K, but seriously, if you haven’t heard of Leanne Pelosi, study up on her The North Face bio, we know you have time to creep these days 🙂 In short? Leanne grew up in Calgary but calls Whistler home now. She is easily one of the most accomplished female snowboarders in Canada. From directing and producing her own movie (Fullmoon ring a bell?!) and being featured in films like in Defiance, along with a hefty list of brag-worthy titles earned, Leanne is one humble badass. You can find all things Leanne on her Instagram.

Watch Defiance here, featuring Leanne Pelosi.


What have you been doing during isolation?
LP: I have been taking the time to decompress. I have so many emotions when I read the news and realize how privileged I am right now living here in Whistler with the mountains in my backyard.  It has been insane to see the world stop with so much uncertainty but at the same time its been empowering to see so much solidarity amongst the world. I try to focus on the positive things because it can get overwhelming. 

What have you been wearing during isolation?
LP: For the most part I’ve been in jogging pants and my TNF jackets.

How are you keeping stoked during isolation?
LP: Northface has been hosting campfire talks on zoom weekly, so that has been amazing connecting with all the athletes around the world to get an impression of what is going on. Connection is super important during this time.  I’ve been trying to reach out to friends I haven’t spoken to in a while through FaceTime or Zoom. And thinking about what I’m most grateful has helped lead a positive mindset to start the day. Other than that, working out on my peloton, focusing on eating really healthy and using the sauna, and listening to inspiring people on Instagram live. I intend to seek out some courses during isolation to learn something new. One of my friends mentioned that Yale University is offering a free course on happiness.
Best snowboard moment of the season?
LP: Shredding with Robin, Austen, Timmy, and Jeff one day in a zone where we just did a zillion laps in the most glorious powder ever.  And also surviving -30C. Temps in a tent at the top of the mountain with The North Face women’s snowboard team, that was a good mental challenge! I was actually very cozy – and proud that we persevered doing it in those temperatures.

Leanne prepping her backyard sauna during isolation.

Any words of advice or thoughts to pass along?
LP: Stay positive and connect virtually with friends and family. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’ve lost jobs and are worried about the future. We will all come out of this and we are all in the same boat right now. Sending so much gratitude to the essential workers right now. And, WEAR a MASK (or protection around your face),  even if it’s not a medical-grade. I believe the reason why the Asian countries were successful in flattening the curve was because that is ingrained in their culture. 


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