In the “Whatcha Doing” series, we’re asking our favorite snowboarders what’s keeping them busy during isolation. On this “Whatcha Doing,” we catch up with North Face Athlete Taylor Godber. Hi Taylor!


She’s grounded, soulful and shredful. If Taylor’s into it, she’s passionate about it – from painting masterpieces to kitchen masterpieces to impressive snowboard lines, whatever Taylor creates is 1000% art. You can find all things Taylor on her Instagram.


What have you been doing during isolation?
TG: Quarantining via camping in Southern Baja. My boyfriend and I have been embracing the slower-pace; watching the sunrise each day, long meditations and asana practice, and having coffee together. I’ve been spending the days reading books, journaling, exercising, creating recipes for The Salty Club, and have been working down the list of projects on the go. The first project being, ghostwriting a book for Chad Sayers. 

What have you been wearing during isolation?
TG: TNF Women’s Thermoball Eco Hoodie and my favorite TNF beanie.

Are you keeping stoked during isolation?
TG: Always. Well, 95% of the time.

Best snowboard moment of the season?
TG: Oh gosh, I can’t pick just one. To name a few, early season, high-speed pow runs at Island Lake Lodge with the TNF; shredding the backcountry classics at home and exploring Terrace BC with the crew.

Taylor making the most of the 2020 season.

Any words of advice or thoughts to pass along?
TG: “Pray more, worry less.” -Taita Juan
No amount of worry or stress will change the outcome of the unknown future. Witness the worry, it is justifiable with all of this uncertainty, but don’t entertain it, just let it go. Focus your energy on the most optimistic of outcomes, and filter and funnel your focus into the incredible opportunity we have been given to slow down. Invest into reading, writing, art, meditation, breathwork, online yoga classes, anything that you said, ” I totally would if I had more time.” And remember, this too shall pass. xo