Words by Darrah Reid-McLean

Darrah Reid-McLean talks to Jeff Holce about going pro

Jeff Holce is pro

The snowboard community in Salt Lake City, Utah is something really special.  It was amazing to see everyone’s love and support for our good friend, Jeff Holce, when DWD surprised him with his pro model last week.  The Bonezone, Utah snowboarder’s pre season “jib” training area has evolved over the years into what it is today:  a free space at the base of Brighton where anyone is welcome.  Holce is the man in charge at the Bonezone, so it seemed like the perfect place for the big reveal.  

*Did you have any idea at all this was happening?

I really had no idea. Joey Fava called the noon rake 8 minutes early and I was so pissed since I was having fun riding haha. Everyone was in on it. I’ve never seen Jill so happy to shovel before. She was down to go and do a tarp lap (Darrah: This is where they hike up higher than the zone and farm snow on a tarp down to the park) with me so that got me away from the main area of the Bonezone.

*What were the first thoughts that went through your mind when you saw Geno and a crowd of people walking up the hill?

I was dragging a tarp full of snow down to a feature when I saw 20 heads walking up to the zone.  My 1st thought was damn I hope they brought a shovel!  The 1st person I recognized was Brendon berry.  He’s so tall!  I was like damn he really wanted to go to suck fest.  (Darrah: Suck fest was the event going on that day, presented by Batwing, a local hat company)  Then I saw Tucker or Geno holding a board with no bindings and then it was like oh fuck!  Then I started crying once they handed me the board.

*How did it feel to take the first lap on your very own pro model?

It was crazy.  The entire zone waited for me to set up the new board and then watched me take the run.  I was stressed about holding up the session!  The 1st trick I did was a nose press and I’m so happy that I landed it but riding a brand new board in front of everyone is wild. 

*What’s next for Jeff Holce?

I’m going to film with Ted and Des this winter!  Hoping to sync with some other homies too! Hopefully a DWD team filming trip.  I want to go to Seymour and film!  Need to hang with my Canadian homies now that the border is open!

*Can you talk about the graphic of your pro model?  Do you think you’re more aggressive at a street spot or playing Catan? 

I love Catan so It’s kind of a Catan style graphic.  Catan came into my life a few years ago and I’ve played it so so much over the years.  It’s one of the few games where it takes my complete focus, it helps me have moments where I don’t think about other stuff.  Geno killed it on the graphic!  He put timberline lodge on there since it was my favourite resort while growing up in Oregon.  Then the little salmon arms logo too!  I love the colours on it so much! The base has the DWD logo from my favourite DWD board too!  It’s so good! 

I def think I’m more aggressive at Catan then a street spot.  Sometimes at street spots I get down on my self but Catan fires me up!  It’s so crazy when everyone gets close to winning!  

*Thanks Jeff, you’re the best!  Love your passion!

Watch Holce’s full part in Tangle to see what he did last time he filmed with Desiree and Ted: 

The Dinosaurs Will Die Holce board comes in a 155, 158, and 162 this year.  Check out https://dinosaurswilldie.com/