Words by Isami Kiyooka

Title photo: Sophia Walters by Edwin Poulston

Spreading Good Vibes (SGV) is set to release their newest video “Dry Run” by the start of December 2021. Featuring Mark Bramwell, Vern Petty, Laura Munro along with some cameos of Sam Watson, Sophia Walters and Evan Barker.

By definition a “Dry Run” is a rehearsal of a performance or presentation before the real one. Which is in a way what this project was made for. Evan Barker explains that “Honestly, there wasn’t really a goal at first. It wasn’t really a project to begin with. It just sort of happened organically. We were just going out and filming for fun. The time came where we finally had enough stacked to put something out there. This is our dry run. This season we have a lot more time off to take trips and we are setting out on a mission to shoot for a full length film to release next fall.”

Vern Petty, bs lipslide [o] Edwin Poulstin

The film took about 10 days of filming this season which is set to be the majority of the video, with clips from previous seasons added in after, expect to see a versatile amount of spots across BC. Evan explained that “Being from Ontario, it was really cool to see some of these spots we saw in videos growing up, come to life.”  Mimicking the said “videos growing up”, the entire video is filmed on classic cameras, clips from this past season being filmed on Panasonic HVX200s, and older seasons being filmed in DV or the Sony VX2100 by the entire crew but mainly Evan Barker and Mark Bramwell.

Presented by Spreading good vibes, supported by Trinsic Optics, Zion Snowboards, Wired Snowboards, Timebomb Trading, Salmon Arms, Cariboo Brewing and Early Morning Club, Dry run is set to release on December 1st to Youtube.

SGV presents “Dry Run” trailer