DISCLAIMER: this short film may contains subjects (mental health, suicide, childhood/sexual abuse) that can be triggering to some viewers. viewer discretion is ADVISED. My Story is a short film explaining my (Chad Weiss) struggles with mental health and the dark events that I have endured over the last decade. This short film was created to educate about positive and negative coping strategies and to try and break the long over aged stigmas around speaking up about the mental health struggles. I am not a professional and I do not hold any sort of training in any sort of counselling etc. I am purely sharing this story in hopes that people can learn from some of the mistakes I have made and so that people may feel less alone in whatever they may be struggling with. Support your friends and family no matter what they struggle with. be an open ear and if you feel someone may be in harms way try and help them seek out the help the need. much love to everyone who has been supporting the @stay_smiling_movement on Instagram and givin me all the drive to get to where i am today.

Thank you sincerely, Chad Weiss