Sometimes spotlight shy, snowboard photographers are usually just as rowdy as the riders they capture. This is a series where we will them out from behind the lens and say, “Hey, tell us about yourself.” On this Photog feature in particular we caught up with 27-year-old Ryan Anthony based in Scarborough Ontario via email.


I’ve been snowboarding for 13 years. I competed at a high level of baseball in Ontario. Played for a provincial team, obtained a NCAA division 1 university scholarship to Grambling State University. After school in the USA I finally got to take advantage of my summers and start traveling more and taking photos. I got my left hip replaced in January of 2018. Long story, but I was born with an underdeveloped hip socket. I eventually had to get it replaced in January 2018. It feels great now and I am still able to do all the major activities that I love doing, (i.e. snowboarding, hiking and rock climbing). I’m currently based in Toronto, but I’m always traveling out to BC for photography work.


When did you first pick up a camera?
RDA: I first picked up a camera in 2015 after I backpacked Europe with my girlfriend. I didn’t realize how many amazing places there were to see. Exploring with a camera was the perfect way to document each moment of the trip.

How did you get into snowboarding?
RDA: I started out snowboarding when I was 14. I would go a few times a season with my family, and I just got hooked into riding. 

When did you first merge the two?
RDA: I got a photography job working in Whistler in 2018. After that season, I really invested my time to shoot more adventure sports. Being able to do what I love and document it was the best part for me. 

What makes you the most excited to shoot?
RDA: Exploring new places is what continues to drive me. I really enjoy capturing raw moments in the outdoors. When I look back at the photos that I have taken, it brings me right back to the moment when I took the shot.

What’s your ideal day of snowboarding?
RDA: Touring in the backcountry is definitely my ideal day. I started touring last season, and it opened up a lot of possibilities for photography and snowboarding terrain. 

What photo accomplishment are you most proud of so far?
RDA: I got the opportunity to photograph rock climbing clinics at the Arc’Teryx climbing academy in the summer of 2019. It was a great experience working with some of their sponsored athletes. It gave me the opportunity to not only work with them, but also learn from them as well. I got a better insight on how their team and photographers manage photo sessions in the field. 

Any big photo plans/objectives this winter?
RDA: This winter I want to continue to build and expand my portfolio. I am looking to photograph more urban skiing and snowboarding within the city. I’ll eventually make my way to bigger mountains to photograph some days in the backcountry.

Whatcha shooting with?
RDA: Currently shooting with a Sony a7rIII, 50mm f1.8, 70-200 f4.

Whatcha riding?
RDA: I currently have an older Salomon board that I got back in 2014. It’s definitely seen its days. Most recently, I’ve been touring on a Salomon splitboard. 

Fave place to ride?
RDA: I have been going to Whistler the last two seasons, and it’s been incredible. 

Words to live by?
RDA: Experiences are amplified by the people you share it with. 

Inspirational humans in your life?
RDA: My parents. Ron and Dina Anthony. 

Another stunner by Ryan Anthony.

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