Words and photos by Chris Corbett

Premiere season is finally back! And what a way to kick it off with the Manboys newest video, “Plank”.

Last night, a snow hungry crowd filled Whistler’s Longhorn Saloon in anticipation to see what our friends and legends had created.

Filmed in Whistlers best zones, we witness the raw talent of the Manboys. Consisting of Chris Rasman, Austen Sweetin, Matt Belzile, Jody Wachniak, Beau Bishop & Sean Miskiman with approaches from Coulton Conway, Ben Ferguson, Ryan Paterson, Garrett Warnick, Jared Elston, Dustin Craven, Eric Jackson, Brin Alexander, and Pat McCarthey.

Produced by Megafauna Films/ Rusty Ockenden who gave us a beautiful balance of big back country boosters, fresh pow and as always the best soundtrack! The Manboys brought the style and huge hits we are always so eager to see, as well as bringing some of Canada’s up and coming riders onto the big screen.

Rasman with Ripcurl Team mates DPC and Surfing young protege, Erin Brooks had an intimate Pre game Q&A with Ripcurl team and events manager, Noah Cohen. Taking us through trips, Natural selection, injuries and recovery as well as competitions.

To see the video for yourself and get the season stoke going press the link below: