Featured photo – Mike Rowan taken by ECS

Dropping October 7th, “Please stand by” is a new street video created by a group of snowboarders located in the Okanagan and Vancouver.  A DIY crew, running 2 HVX cameras and a Century Xtreme fisheye to film each other with.  Featuring Jordan Bell, Mike Rowan, Corey Kowalski, Andrew Geeves and many more.

This winter Kelowna got a decent amount of snow in the city during December so this opened up the potential to hit some new spots on their local turf. With a week worth of filming in Kelowna, Peachland and Penticton.  

Kylan Verheaghe [o] ECS

“When January rolled around Mike and I had a flight to Ontario and rented a vehicle to do some riding and filming in Ottawa and Gatineau for 2 weeks.  While we were there we linked up with Jordan, Andrew, Dominic and some other friends.  There was not too much snow when we first arrived but enough to make spots happen, then one day a record snowfall happened and the city got 47cm in one day.  This really helped create a different perspective on the trip allowing us to hit more spots.  The days were long but productive and we managed to make some amazing memories.  Going into the second week of our trip I ended up taking a bail that would end my riding for the trip, for the rest of the trip I was the full time filmer guy.  It was great to be able to still go out to the spots and be a part of the experience and support my friends.  We left this trip with a good amount of footage and some memories that will last forever.  Upon our arrival back into BC we landed with no snow and this finished our opportunities to continue filming for the season putting us on stand by until next winter.” – Corey Kowalski

Corey Kowalski [o] ECS

The video features:  Jordan Bell, Mike Rowan, Corey Kowalski, Andrew Geeves, Jessie Broster, ECS, Pat Hrivnak, Kylan Verhaeghe, Meghan McCallum, Jamieson Yee, Dominic Tessier and James Senger.

Watch the trailer linked below and the full video October 7th.

Instagram – @p_l_e_a_s_e_s_t_a_n_d_b_y