Words and photos by Chris Corbett

VANCOUVER, BC – The West Coast has always been a great place for seeing the diversity in snowboarding from street riders to big air and lifestyle advocates of the sport. ShredCatz is no different. Started by Beatrice Franke in April 2022 and since has grown immensely.

We got to catch up with Dr.B when she wasn’t busy being a physicist and running the ShredCatz socials.
Thanks for taking the time to chat Beatrice!

So what sparked you to create “ShredCatz”

There’s so many talented female riders in the sea to sky area (at many levels, not only the local pros we all know) and I figured it would be so nice to have means or a platform to share some of the footage with a broader audience. Also the fact that there’s these pockets of riders at Seymour, Grouse, and Whistler that often don’t have much overlap or like don’t see each others riding on a regular or don’t even know of their existence

It can be so inspiring seeing someone hit other features at a relatable level, to get hyped and have some ideas for your own riding.

Q2: so true! Some incredible riders on the sea to sky for sure!

Are there any in particular that influenced you to create this space?

Ha, that’s a tough one because there’s many!

I’m hesitant to put out specific names, really also because the community has grown too over the last year with some new faces!

Check the posts on the Shred Catz insta and you’ll find them all there.

But I do want to mention two of our amazing local female photawgs, Claudia and Ellie! Hyped to get to showcase their skills behind the lens too

Q3: Most definitely! And all the social here for all 3!! Go take a peak!

@Shredcatz @Claudia_rebizant @Ellienxn

Did you imagine having ride days with such support from some big brands like DC, Salmon Arms, Volcom, Pacific Boarder And Mt. Seymour to name a few?

We were definitely dreaming to push from the couple of casual get togethers with about a dozen of girls towards something bigger – but to kick it off with 50+ participants, a dozen of ladies acting as hosts to support and encourage all the riders, and A TONNE of amazing prizing?! No, I wasn’t imagining that!

Big shout out to all the brand reps out there who believe in this and mobilized all the goodies and giveaways!

Q:4 Dope to see such a supportive community come out for it!

Do you have any goals for next season of where you want the Shred Catz to go?

Yes definitely, so many ideas;)

The ride days are awesome to get new people into the park and encourage beginners or intermediate riders to try new tricks in a supportive environment, where there’s also other females doing or learning tricks. It’s just so much more relatable when you can identify with your peers. To add on to this I’d love to work even closer with some of the brands and maybe add the opportunity to demo some equipment into the mix. 

But I’d also love to establish a platform to all the more advanced riders to show off their skills or get some sick shots of them throwing down – a rail jam for women would be sick!

Q5: looks like theres some awesome stuff in the works for the women ride scene for Vancouver and surrounding areas! Can’t wait to see it come about!

Do you have anything for any of the girls out there who might be looking at getting into the park?

Practice makes perfect, nobody started as a pro off the bat! 

It’s okay to take up space- the terrain park is for everybody to learn and progress their riding. 

Maybe find some buddies to go together and inform yourself about park etiquette to keep yourself and others safe. 

And then go and push your comfort zone and have fun – learning a new trick is the best feeling and all the work will pay off;)

I’d like to thank the nothing in the pantry girls for reaching out at the beginning of the season and suggesting a joint ride day! It made a huge impact in getting this off the ground and made organising this second ride day in March much more straight forward.

Big shout out to Beatrice for making a space for women to ride together, learn from each other and feel comfortable in the park, whilst constantly sharing the riders that call Vancouver and Whistler home!

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