Photos by Ryley Robicheau

Sasquatch Mountain, BC – The Stay Smiling Movement is a small non-profit owned by Chad Weiss that takes the profits from events and fundraising to keep people boarding when times are tough. Many people these days struggle with mental health issues and illnesses and sometimes all it takes is a couple turns down a groomer to get them stoked again.

This year was the second annual “Stay Smiling Speed and Style” hosted at Sasquatch mountain resort. Where SMR Park Crew put in crazy amounts of effort and hours to build a steel filled playground for everyone to enjoy as well as a fast paced natural banked slalom down the BIG DOG gulley.

The stay smiling moment thanks to all the registrants was able to raise $780 towards keeping people in our amazing family of boarders abroad on the snow and ripping. It is always such a blessing to see so many like minded people creating new relationships and seeing old friends doing what we all love so much.

Chad weiss recently put out a short film about his own battles with mental illness called “MY STORY…” where he explains his ups and downs through life and how snowboarding kept him alive when times were at there lowest. The Stay Smiling Movement has been a growing community and this event was a way to bring everyone together and keep snowboarding core. Do it for the people not the points. Have fun, smile with the people you love and keep boarding.

Chad would like to give a massive thank you to all the boys on the SMR parks crew
(Shane Kloschinsky, Jordan Sloan, Riley Grant, Kenzie Trill) and all the amazing volunteers that helped make all this happen. Whether it was keeping times on the slalom or getting the park shaped and ready for the event.
Thanks to all the sponsors as well.


See you all next season for bigger and better things coming. STAY SMILING.

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