SlidePath & YES. Snowboards have just released episode two of the “TASMAN TEAM” series. The first feature was Briony May Johnson and now for episode two, we have the pleasure of meeting Tom Pelley! A project put together by PhootStep Films. 


The ‘TASMAN TEAM’ Series celebrates the epic humans who make up the aus/nz YES. Team. If you are part of the YES. Team, then you are considered part of the YES. FAMILY. Everyone has their place. Everyone is different. And most importantly, everyone is no one else than THEMSELVES – and that’s how we like it. #YESonFAMILY #YESonLIFE

Hi Tom Pelley!


“It is an honor to have Tom Pelley on the YES. TASMAN TEAM, he is one of (if not THE) most interesting humans I have ever met. He walks his own path, approaches the mountain his own way, and that is why we love him. Tom’s passion for snowboarding continues to grow every year. Whether he was hitting the CattleMan’s Rail or splitBoarding on the Main Range, when you watch Tom snowboard you can just tell that he is having a better time than anyone else. That is a rare quality and one that we at YES. enjoy honouring. BIG LOVE Mr Pelley, keep doing you.” – Amine Yasmine-SlidePath

“I grew up riding UnInc boards and idolizing the whole team. JP Solberg, Romain & DCP. What they did for snowboarding was incredible. And timeless. And now, at age 31, I get to run my own snowboard focused business (Mowamba River Lodge), and ride for their family owned snowboard company (YES. Snowboards). It’s so sick. And my transition into riding for YES. was effortless. It grew naturally out of old friendships, and I am so stoked to be representing a true Rider Owned snowboard company, they are more important now than ever. YES On LIFE. And YES. on FAMILY.” – Tom Pelley

Tom Pelley with a classic slash and dash.

Meet another YES. Snowboard rider by the name of Morgan Hebert in this “Nice to Meetcha” feature.