Mic check on gear tests. We’re doing something new here on the digital Snowboard Canada Mag, we’re doing gear reviews. Whether we’re catching up with a pro or a joe, we insist on real talk about real products that are of interest to you. We’ve got lots coming down the pipe for the 20/21 season so check back on our #gearreviews often.


BCA BC Link 2.0 Radio

We choose the BCA Link 2.0 Radio as our first gear review because it’s a communication device we never really talk about – weird right? A snowboarder’s best friend when sled boarding or filming, or both. On that note, who better than Robin Van Gyn to shed some light on the BCA Link 2.0 Radio.


Number of days used?
RVG: Every day in the backcountry, probably close to 40-50.

Best feature?
RVG: Extendible mic and customized channel seeker.

Standard application?
RVG: Communication  in the backcountry, essential item.

Weirdest application?
RVG: Speaker for the lady at the top waiting for the sun.

Best message ever heard on the radio?
RVG: Always the music messages.

What’s your favourite thing about your radio?
RVG: It is simple unlike the baofeng radios, no crazy codes or modes, super easy and reliable. Also, you look like a swat member or a cop using it!

Any cons or situations not to use in?
RVG: Wish you could talk into the body of the radio itself not just the mic.

EDITOR VERDICT? “If you’re in the backcountry, having communication isn’t just convenient, it’s crucial. With an expected spike in backcountry snowboarding this season whether that’s via snowmobile or splitboard, don’t think that a transceiver, shovel, and probe is enough – you need a radio, first-aid gear, and with proper avalanche training. Stay safe, get more powder days, easy math.”Abby Cooper