Hello my name is, insert rad human that might have slipped under your radar. Have no fear, we’re here to bring these incredible snowboarders to your forefront. On that note, say hi to Joe Lax!

Self-described Joe Lax: An aging boarder in love with the mountains and my family. I have made the coast mountains my home for over 20 years and it all seems like a blur of exploration, adrenaline, along with the highs and lows of a life in the mountains. I’m inspired by my home and the range that surrounds it. Excited to share it all with my two daughters, who have been sliding sideways since their days in the womb!

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Joe Lax, Photo by Brad Slack


As far as last season goes….
I spent most of the season at home in Pemberton (as I usually do). The season started slow, with real snow arriving later than usual.  I usually spend the early season riding Blackcomb –  hiking off the back and riding the alpine.  I like to get my legs back by getting vert and riding as much as I can.  The slow start inspired a cabin trip to interior BC where snow was a lot better.  Linked up with good friends Brad Slack, Delaney Zayac, and Joel Loverin. We tried to shoot some photos but we were all were frothing too hard to want to stop.  A classic spot in the middle of a cold storm cycle, with endless long treeline hallways.  A trip to remember!

As the season progressed on the coast, we were dealing with a sketchier than normal snowpack due to the cold start and drought – the snowpack was a facety mess. Taking a conservative approach through the midseason before we really stepped to anything of note.  Just a lot of day off the sleds and split boards.

By March – things had tightened up,  consistent snowfalls brought us back around for a solid spring season.  Started to have some great days with friends, capturing a few moments along the way.  The usual high alpine walls were starting to take shape – and the hunger to reach out further was peaking.  Was planning to do some filming alongside whistler shredder Taylor Godber for a Jones Snowboards Canada piece but that fell through when the Virus really hit.  Hoping this spring we can try again!

Thankful for all the days riding with friends despite the shutdown, just as the season was peaking.  We still got out a bit while in lockdown mode, reeled it back – went out more for sanity, fresh air, and fun. Which is what it should always be. We managed to capture a few moments out there as we usually do – with no real plan, just out there for a good time and maybe we find a neat perspective to shoot something.

Joe Lax, Photo by Joel Loverin


Any big plans for this upcoming winter?
JL: No big plans as of yet. I like to let the season unfold and take it from there. My main thing is adventuring in the local mountains – there is a long list of things I would like to ride so no shortage of inspiration that’s for sure.  I would love to do a spring trip into the Waddington maybe this season?

How do you measure success in the mountains?
JL: I try to have low expectations and be ready to capitalize if the moment presents itself.  If I have pushed myself mentally and physically I come home with a feeling of contentment and exhaustion which for me is the feeling of success I suppose.  But this feeling is fleeting which is the reason why we keep going back.

Who’s in your crew these days?
JL: Lucky to have a solid crew of many of the same partners for the last 15 plus years. Beyond thankful for the years of friendship and good times. In recent seasons I’ve also been riding local shredders like Joel Loverin, Cedric Landry, and Taylor Godber.  It’s nice to get out with like-minded chargers.

A word from the wise for big line aspiring groms?
JL: Every decision matters when you are out in the mountains.  Never let your guard down.

Super important, what’s the ultimate snack?
JL: Dried pears from my pear tree

Words to live by?
JL: Stay hungry! 

Joe Lax, Photo by Brad Slack

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