Lucas Beaufort laughs a lot via email, we like that about Lucas. He’s also Canadian and has created a signature way to merge snowboard photos with his artistic style – what’s there not to like about that? We got curious and wanted to learn more about him as a human, which is exactly what landed him here, on a Snowboard Canada art attack feature.

Hi, this is a bio for Lucas Beaufort.

Born in Cannes in 1981, Lucas Beaufort is a French visionary artist-painter living in a world surrounded by imaginary characters, kind but mischievous monsters, who help him build a positive image on the world and guide his choices every day. 

Hello Lucas Beaufort!


How long have you been “creating” and where did it all begin?
LB: I started creating when I was 4 years old. I was living next to the beach and my passion was to make stuff with the sand. It was nothing crazy, most of the time big holes but very early I felt the need to do stuff with my hands. More seriously I started to paint at the age of 27, it was actually really random as I had no clue as to what I was doing. Then 10 years later I’m traveling the globe and make a living with my art.

What about snowboarding, tell us your snowboarding history, please. 
LB: I think I discovered snowboarding when I was 13 or 14 years old (1994). Honestly, back then it wasn’t very trendy. In my home resort (Isola 2000) we had maybe 10 to 15 snowboarders on Sunday, going the mountain. People were skeptical, especially ski people. I remember my first-day snowboarding, I spent the whole time on my butt but it felt so good, that I never stopped.

What’s inspiring you these days?
LB: I feel very lucky these days. Normally my life is like traveling 8 months a year and not having the time to spend one more 10 days in a row at my brand new place in Normandy (France). Now It’s been 45 days that I’m confined with my dogs, my wife, and honestly, it feels so good. I have time for us now.

Ben Poechman on an archived Snowboard Canada Magazine cover recently enhanced by Lucas Beaufort.

How much time do you spend on a board every season?
LB: Depends on the season, but I must admit that 2019 / 2020 was a great one for me. As I wanted to snowboard more I started to connect with the best snow resorts in France to connect them together. I ended up making art and snowboard for 10 days in Avoriaz, Les Arcs, and Les Menuires. My next goal is to do the same in France, Switzerland, and Austria for next season and turn globally in 2022. GO BIG OR GO HOME.

What does your personal snowboard highlight real include?
LB: I think you have to ask my friend Niels Schack for that.

What is your preferred medium for creation?
LB: I’m really traditional with my art. I don’t like to use the computer, I love using the brush and feel all the elements.

Whatcha listen to when ya snowboard and create?
LB: I love Patrick Watson when I ride fresh snow and love listening to Denzel Curry when I ride side hits. When I create I love smooth stuff like Philip Glass.

Gigi Ruff shot by Erik Hoffman, artwork by Lucas Beaufort.

Any sneaky projects in the works?
LB: So many projects! I have my Art Camp in the south east of France bringing together artists from the world to paint in the most beautiful resort: It was supposed to be early in July but we planed to postpone it to early of September.

Quicky rituals for boarding or creating?
LB: I love drinking red wine when I paint and a glass of Genepi after my snowboard session.

Anything else you want to tell us about your process?
LB: All my art is about love, it is about exploring, sharing, and bringing people together. I love people so much.

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