Only three years deep into his photo career and Jaysson Gallant is making a name for himself and the riders he shoots. Gawking at his photos is easy, and lucky for us, tracking him down during #ronaszn was just as easy. Meet Jaysson Gallant, the man behind these jaw-dropper shots.


Hometown: Drummondville, Quebec
Current town: Sherbrooke, Quebec
Years snowboarding: 13 years
Years photographing: 3 years
Go to camera set up: Sony A7iii with 16-35mm GM and a circular polarizer.
Claim to fame: Nothing in particular. For me, the best moments are the ones with good feedback that people take their time to give on my work, thanks, everyone!

Antonin Chamberland pole jam to wall ride backflip out. Photo by Jaysson Gallant.


How did you get into snowboarding?
JG: As a kid, I used to ski with my family but when I was a teenager, I thought snowboarding was really cool so I tried it with my dad and my brother. Never went back (to skiing) since then! 

How did you get into shooting? 
JG: A couple of friends of mine started a snowboard crew called “The Lawsbury” and I bought a used Canon Rebel t5i with the kit lens to go out and help them shooting. 

When did you first merg the two? 
JG: Snowboarding with my friends really brought me into photography. 

Where is your favourite place to shoot? 
JG: It’s hard to pick a favorite because my principal photo subjects are street snowboarding and wildlife. We are constantly searching for new spots and for wildlife, I just go out there in the woods seeking for creatures. 

Do you have “regulars” that you work with?
JG: The people I am most in touch with to shoot street snowboard are Hugo Dubé-Bouchard, Jonat Ste-MariePatrick Parent and Antonin Chamberland.

Jonat Ste Marie image in the Summit Challenge 2020. Photo by Jaysson Gallant.

What was your favorite shoot from this season? 
JG: The shot I took of Jonat for the Summit Challenge Contest. I like to shoot in the woods in low light condition, and by including a flash with nature I think that it created a nice moody feel to the composition. Our efforts have paid off by winning the jury’s vote for the best photo. 

Anything you’re itching to shoot? 
JG: Snowboard deep pow shots and I am dreaming for a nice close up portrait of a red fox. 

Where can we see your work? 
JG: At the moment, on my Instagram @jaysson_gallant.

Jaysson Gallant beside a career highlight. His largest image printed.

Career highlight to date? 
JG: Yes Snowboards printed a minimalist shot I took of Simon Martel for the showcase of the Boutique Adrénaline boardshop. I was really stoked to see my photo this huge! 

What’s keeping you busy these days? 
JG: When I’m not working, it’s Call Of Duty Warzone time with a bunch of homies on Xbox Live haha! This game is addictive. 

Music when you edit? 
JG: Lil Peep, Juice WRLD and I recently found The Kid Laroi. This kid is amazing! 

Anything you are planning on doing after #ronaszn?
JG: My girlfriend and I were supposed to go on a trip to Thailand in March with all my photo gear. We will definitely try to go there as soon as possible.

Jonat Ste Marie in Quebec shot by Jaysson Gallant

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