Levitation. Teaser #1

Levitation is a short film about snowboarding filmed in the Sea to Sky Coastal Mountain Range.

FEATURING: Aiden Hryciw, Keenan Filmer, Geoff Brown, Will Kovacic, Brin James Alexander, Jack Dobson, Anthony Stefanizzi, Tyler Morton, Jason Fleury, Hugo Serra, Ryan Wilkinson, Miles Fortoloczky and Adrian Tongko.

DIRECTOR + FILMER + EDITOR: Gabriel Ostapchuk

OTHER LEVITATION FILMERS: Will Kovacic, Jack Dobson, Jason Fleury


Jack Dobson in the “favourite zone” captured by Gabe Ostapchuk

Most memorable filming location?
GO: Our time filming north of Whistler was the most memorable. From riding and filming on the steepest, cliffed out, no fall zone, spines of my life to no-boarding in 60cm of blower pow, that zone has stolen my heart. 

Hardest bail?
GO: Will Kovacic somehow lost his 30m rope that he planned to rappel off of a cornice with to safely drop in to his spine line. With no intention of backing out, Will woke up at 4am, skinned up the ridge and jerry-rigged a rappel system by linking thin slings from a small tree to his harness. We skinned up across the bowl and filmed as he rappeled in to his line and strapped into his board only to be met with a terrifying tomohawk down one of the steepest spines on the wall.

Most overused phrase?

Tell us a story.
GO: On the 7th day of our second trip to our favorite zone, Will and Jason Fleury decided that their last run of the trip was going to be a steep descent on the no-boards. They chose a notoriously steep line for their descent, a very steep series of chutes choking out into tight, debris-filled exits. After flailing, bailing, and laughing the whole way down I got to watch Will attempt to straight line through the sluff debris of the tight exit. The absolutely explosive tomahawk that occurred gave me the hardiest belly laughs of the trip. He got up and immediately hollered “LET ER’ GOOO JIMMY!!”, struggling to get the words out through a face obliterated with snow. What an exit. After the final load was packed on to the sled I decided to stay solo for an extra 2 nights of clear skies and a semi-full super moon for both of the nights, I was overwhelmed with a rich sensation of gratitude and presence. I’ve been happy ever since. 

Will Kovacic soaking it all in. Photo by Gabriel Ostapchuk

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