Sean Lucey, known more for his impressive filming career in the snowboard industry has been dabbling in another artistic medium which has landed him here, on a Snowboard Canada art attack feature.

Hi, tell the people who you are, please.
SL: My name is Sean Lucey and I am a snowboard filmer from Seattle, WA

Scott Stevens by Sean Lucey

How long have you been “creating” and where did it all begin?
SL: I got a crappy video camera when I was 11 and I started animating snowboarders 23 days ago. I just downloaded this program (Adobe Animate) when Quarantine started so I’ve been learning how to use it every time I make something. I just made a Scott Stevens one that only took me three days but the Blair and Austen ones took me like a week.

So you like to make digital art eh?
SL: Well, I’m actually a snowboard filmer. Animating clips I’ve filmed is just something I’m doing for fun while we’re locked inside for two months. I’ve been a professional filmer for 11 years. I used to make the Think Thank videos but now I do videos for Mervin MFG and me and Austen Sweetin make videos.

Austen Sweetin by Sean Lucey

What about when you’re not snowboarding?
SL: I surf and skate and also film both of those. 

Whatcha listening to when you create?
SL: I’ve been listening to podcasts. Reply All is my favorite. Also music. A lot of King Gizzard lately.

Blair Habenicht by Sean Lucey

Any projects on the go?
SL: Austen and I have a bunch of video projects in the works. Kind of not touching them at the moment just waiting to see how the industry shakes down after all of this. Hopefully we’ll have stuff out soon though. As far as animating goes I think I’m gonna make an A Lo one right now. I watched a video his dad was in last night and I was tripping on his style. A Lo definitely has it.

Any quirky rituals for creating?
SL: Yeah I use a mouse. Like a complete idiot.