Towpro: the future of snowboarding?

Laps on laps on laps. Imagine turning any slope into a private shred spot? Whether that’s lapping to session while training or making a banked in the backyard, the Towpro really unlocks efficiency and creativity for boarders. Clearly, we’re stoked but take Scotty Lago’s word for it, he’s used the dang thing!

“The Towpro was so fun to use! Dead quiet, very powerful, and fast! I would have sworn Elon musk invented it, but he didn’t it was will trucking* mayo.  We used and tested it for two years tweaking and making minor adjustments to perfect it. We were able to hot lap any feature hundreds of times within the day. Can’t help but think of how huge of a benefit it would be for a snowboard academy, snowboard team, pro or inspiring pro to have this at their disposal. It’s a game-changer like airbags were to the progression of snowboarding the Towpro will be just as impactful! I want one for my backyard! Who knows with a few rail setups I might come out with my 1st street part ever.” – Scotty Lago

Interview with TowPro’s Will Mayo

Where has it been tested?
WM: We tested a 10hp unit on a big air show tour with 7 pro snowboarders and Sam Adams Beer. On that tour, we went to 10 resorts in North America: Cranmore NH, Sunday River ME, Mt Snow VT, Camelback PA, Mad River OH, Schweitzer ID, Boyne MI, Wachusett MA, Hunter NY, and Big Sky Montana.
We have also deployed 2 systems at Aomori Springs Japan and demonstrated at a few other ski resorts. The Kickstarter campaign is specifically for the backyard system. We’ve yet to build a physical version of the Backyard rope tow, but it is designed using the same principles and technology as our larger units. 

Ideal use?
WM: For the Backyard model, the ideal use is back yards, public parks, small events, demos, and other scenarios with lower capacity requirements. For the resort ready models: half pipes, terrain parks, rail jams, race practice, tubing hills, pond skims, airbags, really any gravity sport where you want to go uphill and downhill as many times as possible. Could even be brought into the backcountry.

Set up time?
WM: The resort-ready system has been deployed in as little as 30 minutes, typical deployment is probably an hour, it’s heavily dependent on the length of the rope because rolling out the rope takes a little while if it’s 800ft long. The Backyard model should be right in this Range: under one hour from in the box to deployed and running on the hill

Weight of the system?
WM: The Backyard rope tow drive unit weighs about 150lbs, the rope (for 600ft of run), stanchions, return and all the other accessories are another 175lbs bringing the total weight For everything to around 325lbs. with wheels on the drive unit, everything can be moved and installed by just one person. 

WM: The backyard model can move 3 to 5 people uphill at once depending on the grade of the slope.

Max tow length?
WM: The backyard model can do up to 750ft of service length, the resort ready models can go up to 1500 ft of service.

What athletes have used it?
WM: Scotty Lago, Tim Humphreys, Dylan Thompson, Benji farrow, Asher Humphreys, Zach Normandin, and I were the snowboard athletes on the team for the big air show. Also, the Hirano Academy in japan trains its athletes on the Aomori Springs halfpipe and has already made use of their new rope tow for halfpipe training. 

“I think it’s cool how Towpro was originally born out of the desire to bring the professional athletes closer to the viewers and now it’s coming to our backyards” – Tim Humphreys 

How much more fun will your backyard be with one of these?
WM: The possibilities are limitless, people will be able to build and session their own jib park or private jump line, build a hell track or slalom course or even shred pow lines, it all depends on what’s in your backyard. Towpros will ensure you get the most laps and help you squeeze every last ounce of fun out of your creations.

We’ll letcha know on Instagram when their Kickstarter is live so you can get your hands on one of the backyard specific models for the upcoming season.

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