Parker Duke, “Just Bein’ In The Mountains” Filmed by: Amanda Hankison Jack Reid Brendan Hupp Shane Charlebois Brad Holmes Joe Carter Lucas Gibbons Edit by: Ted Borland Thank You: Amanda, Geno, Ted,... ÆTHER 5 is a short visual journey of self-discovery featuring the snowboarding of Spencer O’Brien. Allowing her mind to tune into the pace of the world around... We're bringing you some of the gnarliest snowboard and snowmobile crashes to start this episode. Lucky that everyone survived. But it's not all crashes, Ryan Paterson with an insane Chicane on... Positioned on the east side of the Cascade Crest in Wenatchee, Wa. Mission Ridge has an amazing tow rope park perfect for those loyal to the steel. Featuring the snowboarding of... It seems that Bruce Johnston had a great season last year. Here is a minute and a half of Bruce courtesy of Out Of Service.