So this is kinda crazy. The good kinda crazy. Wired Snowboards is now encouraging shopping for your next board with augmented reality – cool yeah? Read on.

Wired Snowboards is dropping new tech like it’s cliffs.

Inspired by a mission to deepen the personal experience of building and buying snowboards, Wired Snowboards’ latest venture is true to form: introducing the Augmented Reality (AR) snowboard shop – a first of its kind.
This latest advancement by the Vancouver-owned shop will revolutionize the shopping experience, bringing Wired’s products to life with your smartphone or tablet. Scale 3D models up or down, examine them at all angles, and even place them in your immediate environment to see how they fit in.

To play with the new technology, visit and choose “View in your space” below the product you want to test. “Of course Wired is the first snowboard company to present their boards in AR.

What do New York’s museum of modern art, IKEA, and Wired Snowboards have in common!? They all use Augmented Reality, a new technology that allows you and I to see things that aren’t actually there. If you know Wired’s founder Rob Dow you know this is just the kind of tech he’d be the first to have. Rob’s dedication to the advancement in snowboard technology includes innovations with patents (continuous sidewalls) and common sense good ideas (think lace locks on snowboard boots) but his latest project was mostly for fun. Allowing people to see Wired’s 2021 Snowboard line up in augmented reality does serve a practical purpose, namely that people around the world can experience a high definition 3D rendering of any size or shape Wired snowboard wherever they are. So if you live far enough from their East Vancouver factory to make a visit impractical, Wired is
bringing their boards to you… virtually. But it’s also just a cool fun thing to do, like the stand up arcade game with all the classics that greets you in Wired’s factory lobby, or the pneumatic can crusher on the wall behind the snowboard press.

Wired Snowboards rider Grantley Samodien.

“Of course Wired is the first Snowboard company to render their snowboards in AR, it’s simply another expression of Rob’s meticulous obsession with design. Ride one of his hand made boards and you’ll see what I mean, he’s a perfectionist and it translates into amazing performance on the snow. And while you’re waiting for that snow to fall, show your friends how crazy AR is by putting a Wired snowboard literally anywhere in the world with your phone!” – Erik Traulsen


Visit the website.
Then click “shop” at the top of the page
Choose a board you want to view
Once on the product/ Board page choose the second image for 3D/ AR
Click the “View in your space” button below the image

Chris Brown playing in pow town.